Biodanza Israel, pioneering school in Israel, develops the legacy provided by Rolando Toro Araneda, delivering high-quality human and professional training.


Endorsed by the International Federation of Biodanza, our commitment to students is to generate a learning framework of the highest level that promotes processes of existential changes and provides the best possibilities for professional development. 


Committed to continuous learning, Biodanza Israel School provides our graduates with high quality training and course extensions that facilitate their development and growth as qualified facilitators. 


In adherence to Rolando’s vision, our commitment to society continues to be the same as when we started; generate encounters that allow processes of re-education on affection and care for the other in order to build a more just and humane society together.

 Sylvie Tempel

History of School "Biodanza Israel"

Biodanza Israel School was founded in 2008, by Francine Tempel and Sima Nisis de Rezepka, who were personally led by Rolando Toro to accomplish this mission. Starting wasn’t easy. Initially, the school’s first marathon (which took place in Kfar Maccabia, Ramat Gan) managed to gather over twenty people; but the group progressively diminished in time, until there were only six people left.

Despite the challenge, this small group persevered, and kept the dream alive. The marathons were held in people’s living rooms, much like the way it all began with Rolando. After the sixth marathon, the number grew to 22, thanks to an article published in the “Chaim Acherim” magazine explaining what Biodanza is.

Since then, the Biodanza Israel School has run five promotions, and trained fifty top notch facilitators, all approved by the International Biodanza Federation. More than half of these facilitators have followed didactic training programs abroad. Their experience and knowledge have nourished and enriched the current students’ experience significantly.

Throughout the years, the Biodanza Israel School has also offered numerous additional advanced courses and seminars focused on specific audiences: children, teenagers, families, elderly, as well as Alzheimer and cancer patients among others.

Foreign Didactic Facilitators (2008 -2020)

Israelis Didactics Facilitators (2008 -2020)

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