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Director of School "Biodanza Israel"

Born in Brazil, of French parents. At the age of 14, she moves with her family to Chile. Four years later, after having lived six months in France, she decides to emigrate alone to Israel.


She graduates with a Bachelor’s in Education with a specialization in Differential Education and works 15 years as a Primary School Teacher in Israel.


In 2005 she meets Rolando Toro Araneda, and in 2008 her life is transformed.


Together with her mother Francine Tempel and Sima Nisis de Rezepka, she co-founds the first School of Biodanza in Israel. In that same year, she assumes as Coordinator of the School Biodanza Israel and begins training to become a Biodanza facilitator.


In 2011, at the end of the training at the School Biodanza Israel, she quits her job as a teacher and devotes herself fully to what she discovers is her passion, to be a Biodanza facilitator.


In 2013 she is certified as a Biodanza didact and in 2014 she assumes as Director of the School Biodanza Israel. In the following years, she takes part in a series of specializations:


• Biodanza with Children (2015),

• Aquatic Biodanza (2016),

• Biodanza and Neochamanismo (2016)

• Biodanza and The Tree of Wishes (“El Arbol de los Deseos”) (2017).


Since 2017 she teaches in-depth workshops associated with the following archetypes:


• "Hephaestus and Hestia",

• "Hermes and Hecate",

• “The road to the promised land. The archetypes of the Old Testament. "


Sylvie facilitates two weekly groups in Israel (Beginners and Advanced), as well as the School of Biodanza Marathons. Also, she facilitates congresses and workshops at an international level (Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Uruguay).


Sylvie speaks five languages ​​fluently (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew) and has done translations in Biodanza training courses, congresses, and marathons in both Israel and other countries.


In 2010 she creates, organizes, and runs the first Biodanza festival in Israel in the Negev Desert. She continues to organize and run the festival every year.

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Co-founder of School "Biodanza Israel"

Born in Belgium, where she lives until she is 15 years old. She then moves to Brazil where she lives for 20 years before finally settling in Chile.


She is a certified French Teacher and Tai Chi Instructor, a practice she performs daily.


She studies and trains Biodanza in Chile as a student of Rolando Toro Araneda. She is a didactic facilitator and co-founder of the School Biodanza Israel. Specialist in Biodanza for Families and Biodanza for the Elderly.


Francine had the dream of bringing Biodanza to Israel as a way to foster peace between Muslims and Jews so that her grandchildren could live in a world where there’s peace.


In 2005 Francine and Sima Nisis de Rezepka invite Rolando Toro Araneda to travel to Israel to facilitate some ‘vivencias’ and open the field of possibilities for the opening of the Biodanza school in that country. The trip was supported by the Chilean embassy in Israel.

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Co-founder of School "Biodanza Israel"

Born in Chile. She graduates in Psychopedagogy and Political Science at the University of Chile. She has a BSc in Hebrew by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She becomes a therapy professor in Integration and Biocentric Education, Specialist in Structural Cognitive Modifiability (Reuven Feuerstein Theory) and in Biology of Knowing. 


She studies and trains Biodanza in Chile as a student of Rolando Toro Araneda. She is a didactic facilitator and co-founder of the School Biodanza Israel. 


She is recognized internationally for her collaboration with Dr. Humberto Maturana in the development of the Biology of Knowing and Biology of Love. 


Her published books as a collaborator of Dr. Maturana include “The Sense of the Human”, “Transformation in coexistence”, and “Human Development and Training”.


Internationally, she dictates courses and seminars in Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Australia, and US.

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