Biodanza, which means Dance of Life, is a system that integrates music, movement and authentic interactions to provide experiences of intense perception of being alive in the here-and-now. These experiences are known as “vivencias”, coined from the Spanish root: vivir (to live).

Vivencias are doors to access primal emotions and help movement emerge that is the most natural expression of your true self. Vivencias follow the organic movements of life—its biological rhythms, the pulse of the heart, and the impulse to connect with others.

Biodanza is a system that follows the natural rhythms and wisdom of life. The prefix “Bio” derives from the Greek “Bios,” meaning “life.” “Danza” originally signifies “integrated movement full of intention”.

Based on anthropological studies of dance and traditional rituals of the celebration of life, Biodanza stimulates community, awakens a consciousness for universal solidarity, helps participants to recover their joy and vitality, and celebrates the sacredness of life.
Biodanza is an invitation to explore life with authentic simplicity and enhance your natural potentials to further your Emotional Health.

Biodanza originated and has evolved over the last four decades under the vision of founder Rolando Toro Araneda, who passed away in February of 2010.

The practice of Biodanza happens through two-hour weekly classes and weekend workshops. The experience is mostly non-verbal, which opens participants’ communication and connection regardless of their socio-cultural background.